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The Acrobatics Collab

2007-10-22 00:25:18 by bomberbob12

Hey there im starting a collab, the acrobatics collab! yay!

its an fbf collab where its about living things doing acrobatics! join now!

have fun!

anyone can Join!


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2007-10-22 00:25:33

oh yeah and check the forums for it


2007-10-22 02:41:07

sounds like a weird collab! i look forward to it completed ^^


2007-10-28 17:38:11

you only have a 3.00+ BA because of madness day


2007-11-20 04:09:15

Ill put together a menu, and anytihng to make the menu look good, and maybe add a scene of acrobaticness. Ive never done a collab before ek-gads!

The main menu for this game
looks nice i think.